Your Brief Guide To Outdoor LED Lighting

LED lighting has become one of the most popular options for home and commercial use. LED, or light-emitting diode, are highly energy efficient, using as much as 85% less power than incandescent and halogen bulbs. With outdoor lighting becoming more and more a necessity as much for its aesthetic value as for its function, find out how you can optimize outdoor LED lighting for your home or business with these tips.

Picking the Right Brightness
The main function of outdoor LED lighting is to illuminate areas such as patios, balconies, pathways, gardens, and backyards. Hence, brightness is a key factor to consider. When choosing LED lighting, check the brightness of the bulb or unit. This is usually expressed in lumens.

For comparison, consider that one lumen is equal to one candle light viewed from 12 inches away. If a bulb is labeled as having 100 lumens, then it can give the brightness equivalent to the light of 100 candles. Essentially, the higher the lumens figure, the brighter the light.

Wattage refers to the amount of power that the light uses. Since outdoor LED lighting uses less energy than incandescent lights, LED lights are typically labeled with two figures. For example, a bulb labeled as 50 watts equal – 8 watts, means that it has the lighting power equivalent to a 50-watt bulb but consumes only as little energy as an 8-watt bulb.

Sensors are optional but quite useful, particularly in large backyards and gardens. Motion sensors can turn on automatically if the unit detects movement, while light sensors will react to light or darkness. Some types of outdoor LED lighting have sound sensors and will turn on when they detect noise.

Design and Aesthetic Elements
Design is an important factor to consider when buying outdoor LED lighting. While there are hundreds of styles to choose from, consider minimalist and unobtrusive designs that work particularly well with most homes and commercial buildings. Klus Design LED lights, for example, offer a wide range of lightweight yet stylish modern options for different outdoor lighting needs. They can be concealed or displayed, used as backdrop or focused lighting for displays and facades.

Choosing Wisely
Outdoor LED lighting is not exactly the cheapest option available but prices are becoming much more affordable. Led lighting, however, has a better lifespan than ordinary bulbs, which equates to better cost savings over the long term.

Why You Need LED Bathroom Light Fixtures Now

Having proper lighting in your bathroom sets your mood for each day. As the bathroom is mostly used for grooming and such, one will need proper lighting while applying make-up or brushing their teeth. Optimized lighting in your bathroom space sets a circadian rhythm that affects your overall health. In case you have older people or children in your household, you will need proper lighting so that they don’t bump into anything or fall altogether. Modern bathrooms today are multi-functional and good lighting plays an important role in making it so. Use LED bathroom light fixture to make your bathroom a utilitarian and functional space.

How to Use LED Lighting in your Bathroom

1. On Both Sides of the Bathroom Mirror

The mirror is where you come to groom yourself each morning. You will need proper lighting to see all the details of your face while applying make-up. Beauty and grooming can only be properly done when you can see your reflection in the mirror. Light from above may cast shadows on different parts of the bathroom. Having LED lights installed on both sides of the bathroom mirror, at eye level, gets rid of these shadows. You need proper lighting when shaving, flossing and also when you are brushing your teeth. The lights should mimic natural light, and so many LED bathroom light fixtures come in colors ranging from white to frost.

2. Functionality and Ambience

LED bathroom light fixtures help you create a welcoming atmosphere by setting the mood and ambience of your bathroom. Everyone appreciates a great bathroom lighting solution. LED bathroom light fixtures provide practical and relaxing options. Using LED lights helps you save money on utility bills as they run on low voltage and have a long lifespan. They provide a far-reaching source of light, and they do not conduct heat.


LED lights are a practical lighting solution that you should consider using in your bathroom space. They evenly distribute light and are very easy to install. LED bathroom light fixtures are versatile with a wide range of colors to choose from, and bring a relaxing atmosphere into your home.

LED Light Strips Offer Beauty & Safety

Sometimes you need to get a drink of water in the middle of the night, but you do not want to turn on the lights and wake your family. No need to fret, there is a solution. LED lights and LED extrusions can be very helpful on those dark nights and can help increase the safety of you and your family.

One option available is LED light strips. The strips can be placed along the hallways; they could even be placed in the rooms if you want. Be sure to consider strips with motion sensors so they turn on only when you need them. This should make it a lot safer for you and your family to move about at night.

You should also consider LED extrusions. The extrusions should make it easy to both protect and conceal the LED light strips along the walls, floors, or wherever you decide to place the strips. The extrusions are usually made of aluminum and help keep the light source safe from impact. It also ensures that the lights are not easily accessible. This is a very useful feature since children do tend to be curious.

The extrusions can be customized. You can dim the lights just a bit, or make them more opaque. This is important since you are attempting to use them at night. The eyes have a hard time adjusting to light when they have been in darkness. Opaque lights are easier on the eyes.

You should also think about the colors you want for your LED strips if they are mainly going to be used at night. This is important because the eyes take time to adjust to certain colors. The hardest color to adjust to is yellow or pure bright light; this might be too harsh on you and your family’s eyes. So try to use soft light, like blue, green, or even purple. These dimmed colors will not be as overwhelming as pure white or yellow.

As you can see, there are a few reasons to have LED light strips and LED extrusions installed in your home.

3 Reasons LED Lighting Systems Are Perfect For Nightclubs

LED LightsHaving a popular and hip nightclub takes some preparation, which you have probably taken care of. But one thing you might not have considered are LED lighting systems. Led lights are an inexpensive way to turn your nightclub into an otherworldly place. The following are three reasons why a LED system of lights may be the best choice for your nightclub.

1. Set the Mood and Ambiance

There is a lot to consider when it comes to ambiance and mood. For one, you want the people in the club to feel comfortable but also ready to party. This means you might want to stick with warm colored LED lights. Warmer colors are pinks, oranges, or burgundy. These colors will help people feel welcomed but may also help people feel a little more social. This happens because these colors, according to psychologists, make one think of campfires or a sunny day.

2. Help Club-goers Look Good

It is no secret that when people visit a club some are looking to party with an attractive partner; they might even be looking for a mate. It stands to reason they would want to look good, or as good as they can, and you can help. Lighting can determine how good a person will look. If it is too bright, then issues like scars or wrinkles start to appear. The best lighting is soft lighting, so consider something like a pastel-like color. You can easily create this effect with some of the warm colors mentioned as well as a dimming effect.

3. You Can Get Creative With Lights

There really is something special about a LED lighting system that no other lighting fixture can give you, which is complete freedom. Think about adding a thin LED strip right under the railing of the bar or under the railing of the tables that your patrons might use. Or why not add some LED lights under the couches to shine right under your patrons. The point is you can get as creative as you want, which can make your nightclub the talk of the town.

Hopefully you understand just how effective a LED lighting system can be for your nightclub.