4 Steps To Diagnose Your IPhone Repair Needs

19147747_mlHas your brand new iPhone suddenly become an iDud? There’s usually a fast and simple way to fix nearly every broken iPhone! You can have repairs done even on the most seemingly impossible breaks. From broken screens to phones that refuse to turn on. Follow these simple steps to troubleshoot a broken iphone.

Step 1: Is the screen broken?

Replacing a broken screen is a simple and affordable to have fixed.   Search for a iphone repair center near you, and call or drop in for a quote on the repair.  If your screen is broken, but, the image is clear underneath then it is a simple repair that will cost just a fraction of what it would to replace an iPhone. If the image is distorted or there are lines running across the screen there may be an issue with the LED or the digitizer. Both are fixable by a trained technician.

Step 2: Will the phone turn on?

Any smartphone that won’t turn on usually indicates an issue with the battery. If your phone won’t start, first try cleaning the contacts, amazingly, just simple cleaning will do the trick.  It’s common to get a piece of lint from a pocket or other debris interfering with the charging process.  If cleaning doesnt do the trick, find a reputable technician that specializes in iphone repair.   Batteries do eventually wear out after so many charging cycles, but again – it is a simple and affordable fix.

Step 3: Will the phone run slowly, or certain apps stop working?

Sometimes an issue with an app can be either the application’s fault or the result of a virus or malware installed on your device. Most of the time local iphone repair centers will only address hardware failures.   A slow running phone usually means a software or app issue.   Make sure your data is backed up, and perform a full factory reset.  It issues persist, you will need to call customer support for the device that you own.

Step 4: Broken buttons, or won’t charge.

Broken buttons or ports are common issues, second only to broken iPhone screen repair.  Good news again, most of the buttons, covers, ports, flaps, etc.. can easily and affordably be replaced.

Remember, when something goes wrong with your iPhone, don’t spend hundreds of dollars to buy new, or a replacement.  iPhone repair in most areas is fast and affordable!

Install New LED Products In Your Bathroom For A Designer Look

LED fixtures
LED fixtures

Bathroom lighting has come a long way in the last decade, with LED lighting taking over as the newest trend. However, far from a passing fad LED lighting is both beautiful and practical. In fact, they can go just about everywhere from the tub to the shower even in the floor! Here are our top 5 ways to incorporate LED in your next designer bathroom.

1.Recessed bathtub lighting for a classic look.
Forget using candles to add the romantic effect in the bathroom. Recessed LED Lighting can create the same romantic glow in a far more use able package. Simple to install, use, and completely fire risk-free. Recessed LED lighting can surround your tub giving a perfect glow for your stress-free baths.

2.Ambient lighting for a romantic touch
Stumble to the bathroom no more, soft ambient lighting can now be installed in key areas of your bathroom providing an affordable always on look that will softly illuminate your bathroom during the night. Ambient lighting typically usual one to two-watt bulbs for maximum effect and minimal costs.
3.In-shower lighting for everyday convenience
Since LEDs are simple to waterproof they’re ideal for installing as recessed or accent lighting in your shower or tub. LEDs can be installed in a variety of colors and styles giving you the exact look and feel for your next designer bathroom remodel.

4.In floor lighting for a modern flair
Imagine laminated lines guiding you through your home and bathroom. In floor lighting is now possible for residential use by using LED Strips which are long lasting and low wattage. Just a few LEDs will create a powerful and unit look will update your bathroom with a very modern twist.

5. Vanity lighting for your morning ruitine
The most important lighting in your bathroom is usually around your vanity. LED lights can provide bright, non-harsh lighting that is ideal for a vanity. Recessed behind the unit, above, or even spotlights can be added with ease and designer flair.

From modern, clean lighting to classic ambiance, there’s a way to enhance your bathroom with new LED elements. They’re easy to install, low wattage, and long lasting. Everything you’d want from your bathroom lighting.