The Many Uses Of Ranch Style Fence

One of the primary uses of a ranch style fence is to contain animals. Compared to what people traditionally think of as “fencing,” a ranch style fence tends to have different uses, comes in a wide variety of sizes and has several support configurations. For land owners who have a need for large-scale fencing, for herds of cattle, horses or other animals, a ranch style fence is usually a smart choice.

Why Do Land Owners Choose Ranch Style Fences?

There are plenty of reasons to choose ranch style fencing, including:

– For effective and clear land/property demarcation

– As a way to keep other animals off the property. This especially pertains to dangerous, sick, or hostile creatures

– To lend a look of credibility and professionalism to a property of any size

– As a way to keep animals safely contained on a given plot of land, large or small

– In order to have an adjustable type of fencing that can accommodate any property size

– To be able to choose support materials based on cost, purpose and strength

– To be able to adapt a particular fence to different sizes of animals

Types of Ranch Fencing


The two most common types of ranch style fences are wire and wood. Wood is quite versatile and is a good deterrent to strong animals that are trying to get out or in. Wood is also very easy to replace, to maintain and to fix. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh coat of paint or a quick sanding/refinishing job to repair a damaged wooden rail or beam.


When a land owner needs to protect very large animals, the fencing choice is often high-tensile wire because it offers very reliable protection and extra strength. The key advantages of a wire ranch style fence is longevity and minimal maintenance.

Ranch style fences are one of the most popular choice for making sure animals stay put and don’t wander into dangerous situations involving roadways, ditches and other private property. Every land owner should consider using a ranch style fence for animal control, aesthetics or property demarcation.